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Coming together from all corners of the world

Words from Siobhan Goodwin, Team Manager - Zimbo’s World XI

A diaspora is a scattered population whose origin lies within a small geographic locale.  Diaspora can also refer to the movement of the population from its original homeland.

Post 1980 and the establishment of the new regime, many young Rhodesians became known as Zimbabweans. We embrace the new chapter of a new beginning in racial harmony. Due to economic hardships and political oppression, many sought refuge in lands afar. We however today still consider ourselves to be Zimbabwean and a proud nation of people living in diaspora in our adopted homelands. 

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This team represents a group of players with one passion in common, the unity of sport. No divide can be strong enough to fracture the spirit of the game. So from far and wide we come together to represent our birth nation, and to honour our commitment to the gentlemanly sport of cricket.

In September 2015 the call was put out to see if a cricket team could be formed from ex Rhodesians and Zimbabweans around the world. The aim was to register a team for the Barbados 2017 Golden Oldies. At that tournament the Zimbo’s team ended up with 11 players and 7 WAGs and one Mum from 7 different countries attending.  The Zimbo’s World XI was honoured to win the Best Team Outift and was easily recognised during the week with their bright colours.

You would have thought for the 2018 Golden Oldies in Christchurch, NZ, that we would have learnt to take more than the minimum of 11 players.  However that year saw 11 players, with 7 WAGs from 3 countries.  Another great tournament with a highlight being a visit to the St. Albans Club Rooms on Hagley Oval after our game against them for a brilliant evening of prize giving, banter and a few drinks.

We are on track for Harrogate 2020 with a great combination of the Barbados & NZ teams, with 2 new players.  We aim to have 14 players and 13 WAGs in Yorkshire all coming from 8 countries. 

 The Golden Oldies for us is about having fun with like minded people and meeting new life long friends. Bring on 2020!

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Siobhan Goodwin

Siobhan Goodwin