The early days!

The early days!



THE POCKLINGTON PIXIES have a heritage that not many (if any) Golden Oldies Cricket TEAMS CAN MATCH! YOU CAN CATCH UP WITH theM in harrogate, AS THEY add a new chapter to their rich story.

Words by Joe Moore

The Pocklington Pixies were founded in 1956 by Mike Stevenson

He was appointed to teach English and coach cricket at Pocklington School and his idea was to introduce schoolboy cricketers to club cricket and to improve their game by playing with club cricketers who had left the school and also with cricketing ‘friends ‘ of the school.

He organised the first school / club cricket tour in 1956 to North Wales using local contacts he had built up during his Rydal School and Rydal Dolphins days.

Local fixtures and tours to North Wales continued for 9 years until Roger Kirk also a master at the school undertook the task to develop a stronger fixture list using his local knowledge of Kent and Sussex Club cricket,  initially organising an 8 game tour.

Tours to Kent and Sussex have run annually since 1965 albeit now with just 5 games on the fixture list owing mainly to the development and importance of league cricket over the last 50 odd years in both areas.

It was Roger who entered the Pixies in the first ever National Club Knock Out competition in the 1969 and it was the success in reaching the final, losing out to Hampstead CC at Edgbaston, which really put the Club on the cricketing map!

Unfortunately as members now play for their own clubs the Pixies no longer enters the competition. The Pixies can boast 6 county players (Mike Stevenson, Guy Willatt, Mike Rose, Colin Johnson, Scott Boswell and this year Tom Loten ). The ethos of mixing school and club cricketers is still of paramount importance and the Pixie family thrives with third and fourth generations taking the field.